Old Akutan, Alaska

These are photos of a whaling station in Akutan, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands, that functioned between 1912-13 and around 1939.  The pictures were probably taken between 1912 and 1920 by John N. Cobb, who went on to be the founder of the University of Washington School of Fisheries. 

Akutan is located around 35 miles east of Unalaska/Dutch Harbor and around 780 miles southwest of Anchorage.  The village's full time population is around 100; however during the commercial fishing season, over 1000 people reside in the village, the majority workers for fish processing firms.

The photos feature an individual dressed in a traditional Aleut seal-gut parka, another in a traditional bidarka (kayak).  There are also some photos of village life. 

Blubber 1

Blubber 2

Blubber 3

Blue whale

Building the station, 1912

Finback whale

Finback whale 2


Humpback whale

Inside old church

Large Right whale

Local men

Old church in present village site

Old Akutan 10

Old Akutan 11

Old Akutan 12

Local man in bidarka

Old Akutan 14

Old Akutan 15

Old Akutan 16

Old Akutan 17. Note seal gut parka.

Old Akutan 2

Old Akutan 3

Drying salmon and bidarka

Old Akutan 7

Old Akutan 8

Old Akutan 9

Unloading a boiler

Whale winch