February - March 2012 - Gibraltar, Southern Andalusia and Holland

In late February 2012 we spent several days in and around Gibraltar and various towns in southwestern Spain, then in early March we spent a few days in North Holland.

Gibraltar airport - the runway is the boundary with Spain, and is used by cars entering/leaving when no planes are present.

View from our room, The Rock Hotel, Gibraltar

...and a little later...

...and a little later yet...

Warning about spiteful apes

Not being spiteful at the moment

Europa Point Lighthouse, Gibraltar

Gibraltar mosque built by Saudi government - visible from Morocco

View from our room, Hurricane Hotel, Tarifa, Spain

Hotel beach bar

Path to beach


Hotel Hurricane

Hotel terrace

Roman ruins of Baelo Claudius, near Tarifa

Baelo Claudius 2

Local resident, Bolonia

The coast near Baelo Claudius

Coast 2

Coast 3

Main entrance, Hurricane Hotel

Vejer de la Frontera 1

Vejer de la Frontera 2

Vejer de la Frontera 3

Vejer de la Frontera 4

Vejer de la Frontera 5

Vejer de la Frontera 6

Vejer de la Frontera 7


Cape Trafalgar lighthouse - site of Battle of Trafalgar

Arcos de la Frontera, Spain

Arcos de la Frontera 2

Arcos 3

Medina Sidonia, Spain

Medina Sidonia 2

Medina Sidonia 3

Medina Sidonia 4

Medina Sidonia 5

Medina Sidonia 6

Medina Sidonia 7

Medina Sidonia - witch ready for burning

Witch 2

Witch 3

Witch 4


Windmills on hilltops

Dunes at Punta Paloma

Edam, Holland

Edam 2

Edam 3

Storks, Edam

Edam 4

Edam 5

Edam 6

Edam 7

Edam 8

Edam 9

Edam 10

Edam 11

Storks 2

Storks 3

Zaanse Schans 1

Zaanse Schans 2

Zaanse Schans 3

Zaanse Schans 4

Volendam, Holland

Volendam 2

Volendam 3

Volendam 4