Photos from Iran, 1976

When I served on the faculty of a Scottish university, I led a staff/student research team who undertook some regional planning work for the Iranian government.  These are some photos I took during the course of that assignment.

Shah's reception hall, Golestan Palace, Tehran

Mirrored foyer, Golestan Palace, Tehran

Workmen, Tehran building site. Note the method of excavation debris removal.

Woman in low-income neighborhood, Tehran

Slum kids, Tehran.

Slum boys, Tehran. This shanty/tent city housed over 1 million people.

Road through Elborz Mountains between Tehran and the Caspian Sea.

Buffalo in rice field, Gilan Province, Caspian Sea

Savak (secret police) building, Rasht. I got arrested at gunpoint for taking this picture.

Boys on water viaduct, Gilan Province.

Tea plantation, Gilan province.

Architecturally "interesting" beach house on Caspian seashore.

Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque, Isfahan.

Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque, Isfahan.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Isfahan.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Shah Mosque, Isfahan.

Tile detail, Isfahan.

Tile details, Isfahan.

Mosque and rooftops, Isfahan.

Interior courtyard, Isfahan Great Bazaar.

Interior, Isfahan Great Bazaar

Wool for rugs, Isfahan Great Bazaar.