Spring 2011 - Virginia, Washington DC, New Jersey

In the spring of 2011 we visited various locations in Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC and New Jersey, and a morning in New York City.

Freed slave's cottage, Montpelier estate, Virginia

Former slave's cottage 2

University of Virginia rotunda 1

UVa corridor

Corridor 2

Main square, University of Virginia

Student housing doorways, main square, UVa

Rotunda from square

Student residences

Student residence entry corridor

Another corridor - UVa

Science building with walrus gargoyle, UVa

Monticello 1

Monticello 2

Dogwood at Monticello

Monticello from south lawn

Another Monticello

Linden tree at Monticello

Monticello north facade

Monticello kitchen

Greenbrier resort, White Sulpher Springs, WVa

Roadside cabin, Allegheny mountains, Va.

Blue Ridge hillside, Va.

Dogwood blossoms, Blue Ridge area

Blue Ridge Parkway view

The Homestead, Hot Springs, Va.

Redbud trees on Blue Ridge hillside

Appalachian roadside

Poplar Forest 1

Poplar Forest 2

Poplar tree at Poplar forest entrance

Blue Ridge Parkway scene

The Homestead 2

Old mill, Warm Springs Va

Men's bathing pool, Warm Springs VA - built by Thomas Jefferson

Men's pool 2 - with Redbud tree

Men's pool 3

Men's pool 4

And finally to the District

Julia Child's kitchen in the Smithsonian

New York as seen from Sandy Hook NJ

Abandoned army building, Sandy Hook

Blossoms and butterfly, Sandy Hook

More blossoms, Sandy Hook

And more...

Beaver (muskrat?) at Sandy Hook

More army buildings (19th century) at Sandy Hook

Disused Army housing, Sandy Hook

And again...

The Cloisters, New York

Cloisters 2

Cloisters 3

Cloisters 4