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This site contains photos from my travels over the past few decades.  The organization is a bit haphazard but hopefully clear enough. 

Old and New


England and Wales

Iran, 1976

Around the World, 2005

Brighton and Prague, August/September 2006

South Africa September 2006

Transcontinental Car Trip, 2007

Around the World 2007

South America 2009

August 2010 - Mainly Brittany

Miscellaneous Travels 2009 - 2010

Miscellaneous Travels 2011-2013

Spring 2011 - Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic States

February/March 2012 - Gibraltar, Andalusia and North Holland

Old Akutan, Alaska

More Old and New

A Freighter Across the Pacific


Over time I'll add more galleries, stories, links and observations arising from our travels, current and past.  If you want to use or reproduce any of the images here, please ask permission first; I'm usually very willing to give it.

I always enjoy feedback.  Send messages to Gardyloo@comcast.net


Here's a small selection of photos that may or may not be repeated in individual galleries.

Pronunciation: gah(r)-di-lu

Part of Speech: Interjection

Meaning: An exclamation alerting passers-by to dirty water or more offensive liquid about to be dropped from a window above their heads.

Word History: The story goes that a medieval French king was drenched with the contents of a chamber pot one day in Paris. The result was a rule that all Parisians exclaim, "garde l'eau!" (look out for the water!) before dumping liquid waste out the window.  Because of the "Auld Alliance" between Scotland and France against the English, the term eventually migrated to Edinburgh, where it was shouted by inhabitants of the tall medieval tenements in that city's Old Town before the contents of chamber pots were flung out onto the streets below. 

I adopted this handle after living for a considerable time in Edinburgh.  The term "loo" is derived from Gardyloo. 

So in other words, as you live and travel the world, watch out for the falling...


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