A few pictures from a transcontinental drive, April 2007

Our route began in Newark, NJ, passed through suburban Philadelphia, then across Pennsylvania, a small portion of West Virginia, then across Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, parts of South Dakota and Wyoming, then across Montana and through Idaho and home to Seattle.  We drove around 3,100 miles in five days.  Here's a link to the "trip report" I filed on Flyertalk.com

Henry's Diner, West Jefferson, Ohio

Shapiro's Kosher-style deli, downtown Indianapolis

Those were the days.

The open road, Sand Hills, Nebraska

Cafe cowboys, Sand Hills, Nebraska

Black Hills, South Dakota

Crazy Horse emerging from the Black Hills, South Dakota

The Land of Magic and pickup Lab

Our chariot, parked at the Land of Magic steak house, Logan, Montana

Highway sunset, Interstate 90, near Butte, Montana